Going on an Adventure with God

What if your best friend called you up and told you to pack your bags for the adventure of a lifetime.  All the details had already been planned out including all of your current responsibilities and commitments.  All you have to do is just say yes.  Would you go?

Now to him who is able to do immeasurably more than all we ask or imagine according to his port that is at work within us, to him be the glory Ephesians 3_20.pngWhat if that best friend was God?  God wants us to have that kind of relationship with us.  He wants us to abide in him.   And yes-that includes going on adventures.  Do you think being a Christian is fun and exciting and adventurous? If not, it may be time to go on an adventure with God.  

What is an adventure with God? I can tell you first hand. But first let’s understand the word adventure.

Webster Dictionary defines “adventure” as the following:  “1.  a) an undertaking usually involving danger and unknown risks.  b)the encountering of risks.  2.  an exciting or remarkable experience. 

What feelings did that definition evoke? Exciting or even a little scary? Count me out, or count me in?  Me too.  But oh when we say yes!  God shows us things about him and about our selves, and about the world around us that are far greater than we could even imagine.

You see, a year ago I said yes to an adventure with God. God invited me on an adventure  to be a writer.  In school I never minded writing assignments, and I always kept a journal of thoughts and prayers, but never dreamed of being an author.  That dream was lying dormant.  But over the years, a little inexplicable flame would ignite in my heart when thought formed into words on paper before my eyes.  Certain words began to pierce my heart and I would find myself jotting down words, phrases, and thoughts for no understandable reason.  I was just compelled to keep them close to my heart.  I think the Lord had been whispering in my heart, “you will need these on your adventure.” I suppose I had been packing, because years later when God called me to say yes, and it was time to board that vessel,  and all of my bags were packed and ready.

God is so personal and so creative and exciting, I’m sure the adventure process is unique to each of us too. But for me, it was gradual and then once God’s invitation burst forth, I was ready to say “yes.” But then what?  God does not always provide clear instructions for his adventures.  I dreamily decided that I would write a book.  And maybe I will one day, but as I began to walk toward the route of published writing, God slowed me down.  He completely unhurried my heart.  And that’s where it got a little scary.  A little risky.  A little personal. Continue reading “Going on an Adventure with God”