If the Earth yields to God, why can’t I?

Yield and I will nourish the roots of your heart. It is God's Living Water alone that can nourish and heal the unreachable and untouchable places of the heart.You can be certain that prized purple tulips are not worried if they will bloom in time to host a baby shower.  Prized purple tulips are not worried they could lose a petal.  Prized purple tulips are not even worried about life-threatening April snow.  They just yield to the One who grows them and focus on bringing God glory.  I want to be like that. Don’t you?  So if the earth yields to God, why can’t I?  Because I’m human.  I’m stubborn. I have worries.  I have what-ifs.  I want to be able to give it all to God when storms threaten, but I get caught up in the worries of the moment.

I woke up to beautiful snow this morning,  truly a reason to marvel at God’s wonders, but my first thought was, “Oh no, my tulips!” And then a one-sided, downhill conversation began in my head. “Why would it snow?  It’s April.  It’s not supposed to snow.  This is such crazy weather; it just doesn’t make any sense.  I have worked so hard in my yard.  Lord, everything has just begun to bloom, why would it snow and take it all away? And Oh no, I’m hosting a baby shower in a couple of weeks, nothing will be in bloom at my front door to greet my guests!  Wh..wh..”    

I jumped out of bed and sprung into action.  I grabbed trash bags and a pair of shoes left by the door.  I scrambled to shield the endangered blooms.  With my last bag, I bent down and checked the vitals of my favorite purple Tulips, cupping its elegant head in my hands.  At that moment,  I saw the humor of my salvaging frenzy.  That beautiful tulip was not worried one bit about freezing to death, and certainly not about her upcoming role of front door hospitality.  She was simply yielding to God at that moment and weathering the storm.

What a site I must have been to anyone who witnessed a crazy woman running around  her yard with trash bags, wearing non matching pajamas and feet hanging off the backs of shoes that were clearly too small because they belonged to her son.  Oh to be as faithful in yielding to God as this delicate spring flower.  As I looked around my yard,  I didn’t see a single flower who had chosen to simply throw itself on the ground convinced it was just going to die anyway.  No, as I looked around my yard, each and every bloom gracefully yielded to their Creator as the snow kissed each one of their tiny heads.  But what would I do in that same situation?  My honest answer is Continue reading “If the Earth yields to God, why can’t I?”