Waiting on God: “what to do while you’re stuck in the waiting room”

Waiting rooms are a just a part of life.  We’ve all been stuck within the four walls of the dreaded waiting room.  Sometimes I feel like I am stuck sitting in God’s waiting room.  I show up on time for my appointment, I check in, and wait for God to call my name.  It is very hard to be patient in God’s waiting room.  I am sitting there today.  Perhaps you are in the room with me.  Has God asked you to do something, but the next step isn’t clear?

if I truly submit to His plan, then I submit to the wait in God's waiting room.“Waiting Room,” the very name of this room gives itself away.  We enter for the single purpose of waiting until we are called.  We select our seat of choice and begin the wait.  The wait might be short, or we may be waiting a very long time.  It is one of the mysteries of the waiting room; the length of the wait is uncertain.  After a few moments, we settle into the back of our chair and exhale, taking in our surroundings.  We surrender to the wait. After all, we have absolutly no control over the situation.  All of the huffing and puffing and clock watching will not speed up our time one bit.  If we are lucky there is a window or a TV to help pass the time.  Perhaps there is even a loud talker on his or her cell phone.  I do love piecing together an interesting phone conversation.  (Being a quiet phone talker myself when amidst other strangers, and I am always amazed at the decibel in which some people feel comfortable speaking).

The tricky thing about God’s waiting room, is that the waiting could take moments or years.  In obedience we stay ready to take the next step, but what in the world do we do while we wait?  As I have been struggling over the last several weeks,  I came up with 5 things to do in God’s waiting room. Join me in trying a few this week:

5 THINGS TO DO IN GOD’s WAITING ROOM (in no particular order):  
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